With BJP coming to power with a resounding majority, most of the media is warning BJP to refrain from spurring up issues like UCC (Uniform Civil Code), Section 370 etc in order to infuse confidence in the minorities. On the other hand, right wing Hindu organizations like RSS are projecting UCC like a stick to control Muslim population.

First of all, there’s a need to dispel various myths regarding Muslim population. Many people believe that Muslim population is exploding because a Muslim man can have 4 wives. Muslim Sex ratio in India is 922 women for 1000 men (according to NSSO 2009-10 survey). So, it does not matter how many women a man marries. Population depends on the number of females and fertility rate (Number of children per female) of a Muslim female. Polygamy can only decrease the population in such a scenario instead of increasing it. Real reason for the population explosion in Muslims is poverty and illiteracy prevailing in the Muslim society which results in a high fertility rate among Muslim women. Hence, the only way to restrain Muslim population is to take them out of poverty and illiteracy for which abolition of Muslim personal law is the most effective way.

Let us take an example. Suppose there is a Hindu and a Muslim man, each earning Rs 100/month. While the Hindu man has 1 wife (homemaker) and 2 children, the Muslim man has 4 wives (all homemakers) and 2 children per wife resulting in a total of 8 children. I’ve assumed the wife to be a homemaker because most Muslim women don’t earn a living themselves. Now, the Hindu man will be able to spend Rs 50/month on each child by which he can provide them good education and nutritious food. On the other hand, the Muslim man would be able to spend only Rs 100/8 = 12.5 on each child. Thus, his children will not get adequate education or nutrition. Similarly, if both men earn a property of Rs 1000 in their lifetime, the Hindu child would get a property of  Rs 500 while the Muslim child would get a property of only Rs 1000/8 = 125. So, one generation later, while each Hindu child is educated,healthy and has a property of Rs 500, each Muslim child is uneducated, malnutritioned and has a property of just Rs 125. This pattern will not only continue in a geometric progression with each successive generation, but will be even more amplified because an educated and healthy person with a larger initial capital has much more capacity to create wealth.

Hence, the real reason for deplorable condition of Muslims is their personal law. Moreover, Muslim women have very limited rights due to the Muslim personal law. When Supreme court tried to rectify it by providing for maintenance to divorced Muslim women in Shah Bano case, Mr Rajiv Gandhi went to the extent to amending the constitution to appease Muslims by overturning the Supreme court judgement. A society cannot progress if it’s women are not empowered.

So, Uniform Civil code which abolishes various personal laws  is a win-win situation for all. For Muslims, it is the single most effective method to take them out of poverty and illiteracy and bring them in the mainstream. For the nation and Indian society, a developed Muslim society would enhance it’s economic growth and reduce the crime rate which have a direct correlation with poverty and illiteracy. For the Right wing Hindu organizations, it would give them peace of mind as the Muslim population would be controlled. I don’t see why anyone would oppose it.



I had to go from bus stand to office. So, I took a shared auto in which 1 person was already sitting. While auto was moving, I was engrossed thinking why does life contain so much effort and struggle. As the auto reached railway station,the person sitting next to me stopped the auto to get off. Suddenly I was shocked to see that both his legs were disabled and he got off the auto crawling using his legs and elbows. He had a bag on his shoulders and it seemed that he had to go somewhere by some train. He gave his fare to the auto driver and crawled into the station. What inspired me was that he didnt looked sad at all and was trying to live like a normal person. I started thinking that if such a guy can live his life happily and normally, then we are too fortunate to have all the means and facilities, and too foolish to still mourn over life and desire more.